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Upward Bound Fort Bragg


To provide first-generation college-bound students with academic readiness and resources necessary to access and graduate from a four-year college or university.  


Upward Bound Fort Bragg (UBFB) is a federally funded TRIO program. UBFB serves students attending Fort Bragg High School.

Student Requirements

  • Participate in the program throughout four years of high school.
  • Attend a six-week summer program at Fort Bragg High School.
  • Enroll in the following A-G college preparatory high school classes: English, 4 years; Mathematics, 3+ years; Science with Lab, 2+ years; Foreign Language, 2+ years; Social Science, 2 years; Visual and Performing Arts, 1 year; College Prep elective, 1 year.
  • Maintain good academic standing in all classes.

Parent/Guardian Requirements

  • Attend parent workshops designed to provide support and understanding of the educational process.
  • Attend program orientations and awards ceremonies.

Academic Year Services

  • Academic advising and guidance.
  • Assistance for juniors and seniors regarding college applications, financial aid, and preparation for the EPT/ELM and SAT/ACT college entrance examinations
  • Social, cultural, and educational field trips to northern/southern California and other exciting places. 
  • Awards Ceremony where students' achievements are recognized.
  • College tours to four-year colleges and universities in California such as University of California-Los Angeles, Stanford University, University of California-Davis, California Polytechnic Institute, and St. Mary's College.

Summer Session Services

  • Six-week academic program at your high school and/or at the local college.
  • Online college classes.
  • Academic needs assessment and advising.
  • One-week collegiate residential experience at a four-year university.
  • Field trips and social/cultural/educational activities.
  • ACT, SAT and ELM/EPT workshops.
  • College tours.